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The New Standard in Cerakote

Red Creek Tactical is recognized as one of the top Cerakote applicators in the country

Cerakote is the finest most durable firearms coating on the market today. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish manufactured by NIC Industries. It is used by more OEM firearms manufacturers than any other finish, including SIG Saur, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Thompson Center, FN, Nighthawk Custom and many others. Cerakote is also the Mil-Spec finish for the FN’s new light weight MAG 240L machinegun and other weapons systems and components.

We are one of only a few Premier Partners for NIC, are factory trained and certified and we have coated for many Law Enforcement agencies, Military and for firearm and accessory manufactures, such as U.S. Machinegun Armory

Unlimited design options

Cerakote gun coating services are available for rifles, handguns and shotguns,as well as optics and accessories. Cerakote ceramic coatings can be used to coat a wide range of properly prepared substrates including all metals, including titanium, aluminum and magnesium, and most plastics and polymers used in firearms frames, stocks and high-quality accessories.

Special Cerakote ceramic coatings are available for tight tolerance, high-wear internal parts, such as bolts, bolt carriers, barrels, bushings, etc and for high-temp applications up to 1700°, such as suppressors and machinegun barrels.

Custom Pistol Smithing

Red Creek Tactical has extensive experience and tooling to perform a full range of 1911 custom pistolsmithing services. From rebuilds of old guns, to upgrading current production guns and replacing MIM (metal injection molded) parts with the highest quality tool steel versions, we do it all. We have done 1911 work for noted gun writers, SWAT teams and members of U.S. Special Forces groups. In addition, we do full custom work for Glock pistols, Springfield XD/XDm, Smith & Wesson M&P, SIG handguns and S&W revolver work.
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 >   Glock Custom Work
 >   Smith & Wesson M&P Custom Work
 >   SIG Saur Custom Pistol Work

Gunsmithing Services

Red Creek Tactical offers a full range or gunsmithing services, from simple to complex. We specialize in tactical weapons, upgrades and modifications as well as custom builds to customer or agency specifications.

Tactical Rehab™

Is Red Creek’s specialized program to take old, worn-out and outdated firearms and equipment and completely rebuild, refinish, upgrade and enhance these weapons to either near factory new, or substantially improved condition. See our photo gallery for before and after photos 

LEO/Military Armorer Services

Red Creek Tactical is a manufacturer certified Law Enforcement and Military armorer for, Glock, Colt M4/M16, Sig-Sauer Pistols and Remington 700 and 870. We have over 30 years experience in gunsmithing and custom pistolsmithing and have received training in 1911 Custom Pistolsmithing and Match Barrel Fitting from Cylinder and Slide Shop. In addition, Red Creek Tactical is a factory trained and certified applicator and Premier Partner for NIC Industries Cerakote ?, advanced ceramic firearms coatings and has a state of the art Cerakote firearms coating facility.

Red Creek provides contract Armorer services to Law Enforcement Agencies, which include full firearms records creation and management.

Red Creek maintains an extensive inventory of both OEM and after market parts and accessories for AR-15/M-4 and Remington 700 rifles, 870 shotguns, 1911 pistols , Glock, SIG Sauer, and Springfield XD pistols, etc

Tomahawk CQTC™

The Tomahawk CQTC™ (Close Quarters Tactical Carbine™) is Red Creek’s purpose built M4 variant specifically designed for SWAT entry and breaching. Available in .458 SOCOM with optional OSS Suppressor the Tomahawk CQTC™ and optimized ergonomics and features specifically tailored to Close Quarters SWAT operations, such as entry and breaching, the Tomahawk™ is the ultimate close range tactical solution. The Tomahawk is fully coated, inside and out with NIC Industries advanced Cerakote firearms coatings. Bolt and bolt carrier are coated with the Cerkote DFAC (Dry Film Anti-Carbon) coating. This provides for the most durrable finish avalable and helps to reduce wear and maintenance as well as providing weapons signature managment.

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