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Frequently Asked questions

How do I ship?

Regulations for shipping firearms varies from state to state. It is your responsibility to be sure you are complying with federal and local laws. This is important when sending a full firearm, or a part legally designated as a firearm. We prefer to receive fully assembled, UNLOADED, firearms or weapons systems. If you send a disassembled gun, weapons system or gun parts and accessories, you MUST include an itemized list. Red Creek Customs will not be responsible for lost parts or items if no itemized list is included with your shipment.

Red Creek Tactical is a federally licensed firearms manufacturer, therefore individuals can ship handguns or long guns to for coating and we can return these items to you directly, unless prohibited by your specific jurisdiction. NFA weapons and suppressors can also be sent, but require special paperwork and accommodations. Please call us for NFA items.

Customers are expected to cover shipping charges to Red Creek Tactical’s facility, located in American Fork, Utah (84003) and items can be shipped either by UPS, FedEx or U.S. Postal Service, depending on whether you are a dealer, agency or individual. We will return to you by best method depending on whether it is a handgun or long gun and the  requested return service. Return shipping and handling will be charged to the customer at the time of shipping. If you need a quote in advance please call. All of the above listed carriers post their full policies, procedures and/or regulations for shipping firearms to licensed dealers on their respective websites. You may also call their customer service departments with any specific questions you may have regarding shipping your firearms. 


When will I get my gun back?

Our turnaround is typically 2 weeks from the day we receive your firearm. It may be slightly shorter or longer. If we have any major delays, we will try to inform you before you ship.

I need a rush job!

We can offer rush jobs, at a price, depending on how busy we are. Contact us if you need a job done ASAP.

Can you do a custom pattern I don’t see here?

We specialize in effective camouflage, developed for military and hunters.  If you have a camouflage pattern in mind for a terrain you don’t see represented in our gallery, we would be happy to help.

We do not offer American flags, Kryptec, or distressed or battle-worn patterns.

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