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Red Creek Custom’s is an NIC Industries, manufacturer trained and certified Cerakote Firearm Coating applicator and we are one of NIC Industries “Premier Partners” serving the Law Enforcement and Military markets. We also do Cerakote work for the civilian/consumer market.

Red Creek Customs’s Cerakote firearms coating facilities are state-of-the-art and we maintain one of the most comprehensive inventories of Cerakote ceramic coatings in the industry with a wide selection of colors in both H and C series and the new Gen II, IR Signature management series of coatings.

What You Can Expect

Red Creek Custom’s close working relationship with NIC Industries allows us to meet most specialized needs and requirements which departments and agencies may encounter.

Our cerakote services for firearms coatings are available for virtually all rifles, handguns and shotguns, as well as optics and accessories. Cerakote ceramic coatings can be used to coat a wide range of properly prepared substrates including:

  • All metals, including: titanium, aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc…
  • Most plastics and polymers used in firearms frames, Kydex holsters, etc
  • Fiberglass and carbon-fiber stocks
  • Scopes (exterior), mounts and other high-quality accessories.Customs
cerakote services

Camouflage Firearms Coatings

Red Creek Custom specializes in the application of camouflage patterns on all weapons systems and components. Not happy with current patterns and methods, Red Creek Custom has developed a series of highly effective camouflage patterns specifically designed to maximize both visible and IR signature reduction of weapons systems using the Cerakote weapons coatings. UltraBlend shuns traditional stencils and patterns, because the human eye and brain can spot uniformity and patterns. UltraBlend's application is unique to each firearm or item coated. It's primary goals are to break-up the weapons signature, thus concealing the capabilities of the operator or unit, second to blend with the operators clothing and gear and third, to provide blending with the terrain.

UltraBlend's lack of a defined pattern can be considered "Chaos Theory" for camouflage. Through the use of carefully selected Cerakote colors, applied with a weapons and color specific methodology using special stencils and techniques we are able to achieve highly effective visible signature management and using NIC's new Cerakote Gen II, we can also add IR signature management capabilities for Military and Law Enforcement customers.

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UltraBlend™ Patterns

Winter Recce™ : A 5-color pattern designed for winter environments and rocky terrain.

Desert Recce™: A 5-color pattern designed to blend with desert brush. 

Original Recce™: A 5-color pattern designed to blend in woodlands. It is a combination of classic camouflage colors, applied with varied shapes and textures for a highly effective camouflage design.  

Urban Recce™: A 5-color pattern inspired by city streets. Designed to blend with concrete, asphalt, stone, and industrial environments. 

Alpine Recce™: A 5-color pattern designed for the alpine forest. 

Midnight Recon™: A 4-color patterned designed for low-light camouflage. This pattern features speckled flames, for a more structured, less organic look. 

Urban Swat™: A 3-color pattern in green, grey, and black snakeskin. 

Noir 2A™: This eye-catching metallic pattern was created for Second Amendment Rights Activist, Colion Noir. It is a 3-color pattern featuring metallic black and silver, in classic camouflage shapes. 

Viper™: A 3-color snakeskin pattern in shades of green.

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Specialized Coatings

Cerakote ™ C-Series: High Temp Coating

For high-temp applications up to 1700°, such as suppressors and machinegun barrels, Cerakote C-Series has no equal. It's available in a wide range of colors to match the overall finish requirement of the firearm or weapons system. We also use C-Series to coat scopes and other optics, as well as fiberglass and items and substrates which cannot be baked.

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Colors - Patterns and Special Designs

We can Cerakote firearms, weapons systems or other equipment coatings in a wide range of available Cerakote colors. Projects can be done as single color, two-tone and multi-tone as well as basic and complex camouflage and custom airbrush designs. In addition, Red Creek Custom can create custom stencils for applying department or agency logos or identification and instructions.

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We Also Offer

Armorer Disassembly, Cleaning, Reassembly and Function Check

As part of our Cerakote coating services, our factory certified military and law enforcement armorers and gunsmiths fully disassemble, inspect, clean, and prepare the parts for coating. After cleaning, parts must be blasted with an abrasive media, typically aluminum oxide, to prepare the substrates for coating, which is necessary achieve maximum adhesion of the ceramic to the parts and provide the best long term results. We do not coat sears, most springs, bores/chambers or other tolerance critical parts. In addition, we do not media blast scopes or other optics and as a result there will not be as good an adhesion of the Cerakote to those items.

After coating, we reassemble and do the manufacturer specified function test on each firearm or weapons system, where the complete firearm or system was sent. We do not do live-fire function testing unless specifically specified by the customer, and additional charges will apply.

We prefer to receive fully assembled, UNLOADED, firearms or weapons systems. If you send a disassembled gun, weapons system or gun parts and accessories, you MUST include an itemized list. Red Creek Customs will not be responsible for lost parts or items if no itemized list is included with your shipment.

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Military and Law Enforcement Discounts

We offer a 10% discount to all current and honorably retired U.S. Armed Services and local state and federal Law Enforcement officers. We also offer special department and agency pricing and volume discounts.

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